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Autumn Fall Candle

Autumn Fall Candle


The clean crisp smell of the forest as the trees drop their leaves to prepare for the winter resting period.  Ho Wood and Arborvitae with their cleansing and purifying properties, to help promote feelings of relaxation and grounding.


The Aromatherapy Lab will only ever use ingredients that are plant based, sustainable and ethically sourced.


Size: 30cl

Burn Time: 40 - 45hrs

Safety Instructions: Please see bottom of the candle

  • Ingredients

    Soya Wax, Cinnamomom Camphora, Melaleuca Cajeput, Cinnamomom Camphora Linalooliferum, Cinnamomom cassia, Boswella Carteri, Thuja plicata, Carum Carvi

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