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A truly organic, vegan friendly bath bomb. Handmade with pure essential oils, to support both body and mind.  No fear of toxic chemicals, synthetic scents or artificial dyes. The only colour you will find in these bath bombs is the natural warm yellow of the organic cornflour with a faint glitter of the Himalayan Pink Salt.  Just pure natural ingredients with a touch of therapeutic indulgence of hand blended essential oils.  Each bath bomb is wrapped in an eco-friendly wax paper to preserve freshness.

Base Ingredients


Organic Cornflour - Organically grown and produced in Belgium

Bicarbonate Of SodaA naturally produced compound from the mineral springs in Turkey

Citric Acid - A naturally occurring fruit acid from fermenting crude fruit sugar. Made in China. Acts as a PH adjuster

Himalayan Pink Salt - Hand mined from the Punjab region of Pakistan. One of the most purest of Salts containing over 80 minerals

Epsom Salt - Magnesium Sulphate, a naturally occurring mineral distilled from spring water in Germany

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil - Sourced from the Philippines this oil is good enough to eat

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